Sculptural Photography Works

Budhha Sculptural photographic work
“Budhha – Wat Si Chum, Sukothai, Thailand”
lacquered prints on board – 48″ x 72″

Sculptural photography works by Alexander Nesbitt – These three dimensional collage panel photographic works are comprised of a series of images shot at varying angles to form a composite image. The arrangement is pre visualized and shot on location to fit together the way they are later assembled.

The printed images are epoxy coated or lacquered and adhered to rigid panels. These are bolted together with the individual images angled from one another in a series of fragmented planes that create a piece which arcs toward the viewer and stands proud of the wall.

“Petra, the monastery” – This is the second one I made. Epoxy coated silver prints with fiber glass reinforcements on back. 2000
Entropy 2 – Bayridge brooklyn”
Thyssen sculptural collage
Motor room Thyssen steel mill, Essen, Germany – Epoxy and fiber glass coated sliver prints on aluminum armature. Newport Art Museum, Juried Members Show, Best of Show Winner 2002

Below is a large collage called “Abandonment” on Epoxy coated plywood panels.  This was first exhibited in a solo show in the Newport Art Museum Ilgenfritz gallery in 2003 and has been in storage since. The image depicts a mysterious view of the largely unknown “Redoubt” at Fort Adams in Newport.

Fort Adams sculptural collage
“The Fort Adams Redoubt” Epoxy coated plywood panels, 72″ x 108″ with the left and right most corners projecting 20″ from the wall. 2003

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