Personal Work

This is why I pick up a camera.

There are a lot of shots I love for their place in my game of shape sorting when shooting. There are others I come back to because they feel like me, like the way I roll in the world. For too long these images haven’t had a collection to live in. They weren’t shot on jobs and I got in the sneaky habit of pushing jobs and more easily marketed images forward.

So I’ve found an inspired moment to gather a few of my personal work favorites in a collection that isn’t driven by beauty, job or location but by how much I care about them. They are on a hundred different themes but I want to give an overview, a collage of what I gravitate toward and what is my sort of native turf in my shooting.

It’s not like my work changes that much when shooting lifestyle for clients but it does clean up a little and has a different kind of excitement. Check out my Commercial Lifestyle work here

Sometimes it just takes an outside influence to get you to rethink what you are doing. This edit is inspired by stumbling across the work of Jonas Rask

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