Newport RI Black and White Photographs

Newport RI black and white photographs by Alexander Nesbitt collected from his many years shooting his home town. Most of these images are also available in color but here they are rendered as dramatic black and white images which have a great sense of composition and nostalgia.

Newport RI black and White photograph of Laser regatta in front of cruise ship.
Championship Laser regatta is dwarfed by a cruise ship in Newport RI

Nesbitt’s collection of black and white photography of Newport RI are carefully converted from color images by the photographer. In many case other color images may work as black and white. Let us know if you have an idea you don’t see available. The entire Newport Photography Collection can be accessed here: Newport Photography

Converting color to black and white is an excellent technique

In the age of film you had a choice of color film or BW film and once a shot was taken there was no going back. Black and white shooting was also the starting point for all art school students and photography enthusiasts which made it very popular. Here is a page of Nesbitt’s art work just out of school shot on black and white film. However the real world is in color so capturing an image in color collects the most information from the scene. With all the color data from the scene the photographer has options when deciding how to print the image. One can adjust how dark each color will be in the black and white rendition of the image. This makes shooting color and then adjusting it as a digital black and white image a much more versatile way of shooting than using film. Sure some sense of the old film is lost but the ability to choose how to the image appears in black and white is an incredible gain.

There are a lot of ways to make a color image black and white. Nesbitt shoots everything in RAW mode and therefore can nondestructively edit the color to black and white conversion in Adobe Lightroom. It’s a wonderfully nimble process that yields great results.

There is also a page black and white of Newport RI collection on the Blinkgallery website.

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