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Art Reproduction Photography Service

For Collectors, Galleries, Museums, and Auction Houses

Art reproduction photography with the ColorChecker - our art reproduction service

Fine Art reproduction photography services for galleries, museums, private collectors, auction houses and artists are one of the primary shooting skills offered by Nesbitt. It’s an exacting process which can be done either here in the studio or at your location.  We’re very familiar with significant works and the top end of the market so be assured we will know how to approach your art work reproduction needs. With care and precision Nesbitt has photographed some of the world’s most valuable art works. You wouldn’t necessarily know this because Nesbitt and his staff understand and operate with complete confidentiality. This complicates our marketing the art reproduction photography of paintings and therefore you will see very few images on this page.

Please contact us through the contact form and we would be delighted to provide you with more details, discuss your project, and offer an estimate.

Photographing fine art paintings and drawings

Fine art reproduction photography of paintings and artworks can be done in our studio or by traveling to your location. Shooting on location makes it possible to work in residences, galleries, storage facilities, and museums. Shooting can really be done anywhere there is room to setup and control lighting. Nesbitt shoots with a strobe flash lighting system because it overpowers existing lighting and subjects the artwork to just a few 100ths of a second of light. This is by far the least light intensive and most color accurate method. A color reference card is always photographed with the art. With these known reference cards in the image they form the basis for a rigorous color management process. Challenges like texture, glare, glass, frame shadow, and existing light can all be managed. Often using cross polarized light and smart lighting strategies is the trick.

Ultra high resolution “Gigapixel” shooting

Nesbitt has devised a specialized system for art reproduction photography of extremely large works. This technique uses a sophisticated combination of software and specialized gimbal camera mounts. A 10 ft x 10 ft artwork can be photographed and yield an actual size image at 250dpi which is high enough to print a precise reproduction at actual size. If you tried to find a camera to do this it would have to be in the range of 400 Megapixels, far beyond what is available on the market. So this combination of technique and equipment is an uncommon capability. This is often it is referred to as a “Gigapixel” image and is a rare solution for very large artwork reproductions. Let us know if you require further details or have specific technical requirements.

Large Format fine art printing

Printing fine art reproductions is also part of our service. We can match your original art’s look with high-quality, color accurate photographic prints. We run five large format printers on a variety of media like canvas and archival watercolor papers. Our art reproduction service also includes sophisticated technical options like flat-bed printing, very large sizes, and prints on canvas or panel materials nearly identical to the original. Let us know what you are thinking of and we can help guide you through the options.

On location art reproduction photography of paintings and drawings

Photography on location: $1850/day. From 6 to 8 pieces can be shot in a day, depending on size and location.

Finished images require post production computer work which includes tasks like complex photoshop work, image manipulations and accurate color adjustments. This is billed separately at $150/hr.

It is easy for us to quote shooting, travel and production expenses. Just let us know some things about the location, number and size of the works to photograph.  Nesbitt owns all the necessary equipment which generally avoids the expense and logistics of gear rental.

Nesbitt has shot significant and large scale works all over the US and world.  Call the studio at 401-847-4255 or use the contact form.

We provide accurate, firm quotes for photographing your art work. You can be confident in your budget no matter what the project.

Art reproduction service - Photography of paintings
Photographing a Cézanne with the color reference card on it’s way to a private sale from it’s place on view in a public institution

In studio fine art reproduction photography

$200 : in-studio reproduction photography with non-critical color, up to 2 pieces

$300 : in-studio reproduction photography with color corrections, up to 2 pieces

(including  post-production computer work)

If you are in our area give us a call or just bring by your artwork and we can give you a precise idea of what we can do for you

For more demanding works the computer work in photoshop to produce finished image is billed separately at $150/hr. This includes image manipulations, photo restoration, and accurate color adjustments. Usually the post production takes about the same amount of time as the shooting.

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