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Architectural photography is a major part of Nesbitt’s experience. From the Breakers mansion to super yachts in Newport and the Caribbean he has proven to very resourceful and excel at challenging location shoots. With decades of experience using technical lighting creatively and efficiently, no property is too large or intricate and all are a joy to shoot.

From architectural photography of new builds to restorations of historic properties

Whether you’re looking for interior and exterior images for publications or marketing images of a property, Nesbitt has the range of experience to bring your space to life.

Recreating the feel of the space

Nesbitt has a unique perspective. Consider that interior photography can never actually capture a whole three dimensional space. This is where Nesbitt’s expertise as comes in. When photographing he needs to recreate the look and feel of a space in a single image from only part of the scene. Particularly important to the art of the interior shoot is carefully selecting the right elements to include in a scene that resonate with the viewer. This recreating is critical because only part of a room is visible in a shot. The elements in the shot need to carry the desired feeling of the whole larger space.

In architectural photography lighting is the key

Good Interior photography definitely requires an eye for and understanding of the light in a scene. An interior image needs to have the different colored light sources agree and appear natural. For example, a blueish wash of daylight glaring across a table which is otherwise lit with warm incandescent light would have blue versus orange light sources. Professional architectural photographers like Nesbitt use strobe lighting and colored gels to adjust how their lights and other light sources blend together both in color and brightness. It brings both an invigorated look to your space while maintaining a realistic sense of the lighting. It is a craft that takes years of experience.

Nesbitt is happy to travel to shoot! However, being in Newport makes him a natural fit for any Rhode Island architectural photography. Please contact the the studio for with questions or to set up a time to discuss your project.

See a recent shoot of a whole historic inn for the client at the Ivy Lodge in Newport. If you happen across a copy of Living Newport: Houses, People, Style by Bettie Pardee you can see Nesbitt’s shots filling about 1/2 the book.

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