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Photography of Paintings and Drawings

Photography of paintings - Q13 gray scale card

Photography of Paintings and 2D Art Works

We offer fine art reproduction photography services for artists, galleries, museums, or private collectors.

Nesbitt can photograph 2-D objects too large or fragile to scan in studio or on location as needed.  Should it be a concern, Nesbitt and his staff understand and operate with complete confidentiality.

Photography of paintings and art works can be done in our studio or on location. Nesbitt shoots a strobe flash lighting system which overpowers existing lighting, cross polarization is used as needed to eliminate glare.  A series of color accurate reference cards are photographed with the art, these cards are the basis for a rigorous color management process used to create the most accurate digital file of your art work. Challenges of texture, glare, glass, sheen, frame shadow and existing light can all be overcome.

In Studio photography of art work (includes  post-production)

$150 : in-studio repro shoot with non-critical color, up to 2 pieces

$300 : in-studio repro shoot with color corrections, up to 2 pieces

On Location photography of art work

On location $1500/day. Up to 5 to 10 pieces can usually be shot depending on size and lighting.

Finished image production which includes complex photoshop, image manipulations and accurate color adjustments billed separately at $150/hr.

Travel, lighting rental, and production expenses are easily quoted, just let us know your situation.

Nesbitt has shot significant works all over the US and world. We’re happy to give you an accurate quote for the number, size, and location of your art work.  Call the studio at 401-847-4255 or use the contact form.

A newer color profiling system

A newer color profiling system

color checker

The pocket color checker

Colonial Painting reproduction photography

Photography of Paintings


Faded and scratched photograph that was too large to scan


Digital photo restoration completed. We removed scratches and for this case we restored the color by eye.