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Photo Prints on Canvas

Large format canvas gallery wrap artwork by photographer Alexander Nesbitt

Large format canvas gallery wrap artwork by photographer Alexander Nesbitt

Canvas Wrap Giclee photographic print by Alexander Nesbitt

An example of a canvas wrapped “giclee” photographic print by Alexander Nesbit

A photograph on canvas is the perfect solution for any large wall space in your home like above a bed, couch, or mantle. It’s a big-impact, cost-effective way to make a visual statement. It’s also an investment in an original work of art.

Our photo prints on canvas, or giclées, are printed in-house on our Epson 11880 large format ink-jet printer, carefully checked for color-accuracy and sharpness, then coated with a UV blocking acrylic coating, and finally stretched around 2.5″ custom stretchers. The entire process from the time the print exits the printer is done by us, by hand. These are artist-made objects with an impressive sense of value and technical quality that surpasses that of the online mass market manufacturers.

Giclee Canvas edge width

Alexander Nesbitt photography custom made Giclee Canvas prints are built around our own specially made 2.5″ wide stretchers.

Our photos on canvas come in a variety of standard sizes or we can customize a size to fit your space. Since we have the equipment and produce in house we are able to make bespoke pieces precisely for your location. Call or email for details.

Nesbitt’s images are all available as Giclee, canvas wrap prints. The Newport, RI collections of images is here:


And the World travel collection is here:


We offer this superior, custom service to other photographers and for fine art reproduction as well.   Please inquire about pricing and volume discounts.  You won’t believe what your prints can look like when a talented photographer does the adjustments and supervises the printing.

In case you’re uncertain about the word giclée , we wrote a blog post on our gallery website with a bit of an explanation.  They are a great way to make a large image, call them what you wish…giclée, gallery wrap, canvas wrap, photo on canvas they are all the same beautiful art work to us.