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Location Photography Services

Hiring a professional to photograph your business or work is a solid investment. First impressions matter, and they only happen once. Make your impression count with images that present you in the best way possible.

Location Photographer Alexander Nesbitt seamlessly melds a documentarians eye for detail and an artist’s flair for style to produce impecable images of spaces, places, and atmospheres.

Give us a call at the studio and we would be happy to review your project and produce a proposal tailored to your specific needs — on message and in budget:  401-847-4255


Below are some portfolios in common genres of location photography to give you an idea of what Sandy can shoot for you.

Sample Galleries


 (Alexander Nesbitt)

Interiors – A great knowledge of lighting and sense for the clients style

  (Alexander Nesbitt)

Landscape, Exterior & Architecture – Built around a knowledge of outdoor light, when to shoot, when to fill in and which lenses are best

  (Alexander Nesbitt)

Environmental Portraits – The ingeniously selected bits of the surroundings tell the subjects story while they are authentically present for the camera