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Fine Art Print Collections

Nesbitt is known for his collection of fine art prints of world travel and his comprehensive collection of  Newport prints which can be seen here in the collections below, or in person at his Newport, RI studio, or at  Blink gallery. In addition to his work behind the camera, Sandy is also a master printer and offers a range of dramatic fine art paper and canvas prints of his most thought-provoking and beautiful images each printed and finished himself in limited editions.

World Travel Print Collection

Newport, RI Print Collection
Egypt, 2000 - Three local girls in colorful dresses walk through the Mendes dig site while balancing baskets on their heads. The baskets are filled with earth from excavation at the dig site near Mansura in the Nile Delta. The bright yellow, red, and purple dresses are the girls work clothes. (Alexander Nesbitt) 
USA, Newport, RI - Boats resting at the Bowen's wharf dock in the late afternoon light... (Alexander Nesbitt)

Office Print Collection
Black & White Print Collection
Slovakia, 2006 - The High Tatra mountains fade into the blue high altitude haze. (Alexander Nesbitt)
Newport, RI - Russell Coutts on Oracle 5 rips across Narragansett bay in front of the Newport Pell bridge.  The AC45 catamarans were racing during the America's cup world championships held in Newport. (Alexander Nesbitt)