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Photographer Alexander Nesbitt

Riding the beach in Mozambique
Travel Photography
Outdoor photography - Santa Cruz trek, Peru
Lifestyle shoot - Königssee Germany
Prints on Aluminum with inkaid
Hand Coated Aluminum Prints
Location Photography
Location Photography
Location Photography
Location Photography

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Newport photographer Alexander “Sandy” Nesbitt shoots adventurous travel, outdoor lifestyle, commercial, editorial and fine art images.  Sandy is from Newport, Rhode Island where he has based his fine art print gallery, photography studio, and stock image library since 1998.

A master of circumstance, Sandy survives uncertainty, emerging with winning images every time. Equal parts intrepid traveler, logical thinker, and visual artist Sandy excels at holding a message in mind while working through the visual and technical challenges of the shot. The result is a collection of on-target images created from the reality around him. The different threads of his editorial, commercial and fine art work all unify around this core sensibility of a documentary veracity.

Nesbitt is known for his collection of fine art prints of world travel and his unmatched collection of  Newport prints which can be seen online or in person at his Newport, RI studio, or at  Blink gallery.  Sandy is a master printer and offers a range of fine art paper, canvas, and aluminum prints of his most thought-provoking and beautiful images each printed at his studio in limited editions.